5 Key Takeaways from SUN: A Recap of Being a Lifesaver for Your Company


The 34th Annual SUN (Syteline User Network) conference was held April 15-17th 2024 in Tampa, FL. Once again the conference provided a platform for industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to come together and share insights, experiences, and exciting developments. As we reflect on the event, here are five key takeaways.

  1. Acknowledging the Backbone: A Grateful Nod to the Board of Directors

    At the heart of every successful venture lies a dedicated group of individuals steering the ship. During SUN, it was imperative to express gratitude to the Board of Directors (BOD) for their unwavering support and guidance. Let's take a moment to recognize each member and their respective companies by name, for without their vision and leadership, our journey wouldn't be possible:

    - President: Ken Kemp (Operations & IT Manager) - Fragrance Manufacturing
    - VP & Member Relations: Julie Foley (Sr. Manager ERP) - The Middleby Corporation
    - Member Relations, Webinar Series: Dylan Klima (Senior Business Systems Developer) - Hexagon
    - Member Relations, Member Engagement: Jennifer Terry (Informations Systems Manager) - Xpress Boats
    - Secretary and Treasurer: Jessica Ely (Business Systems Manager) - Rigaku Americas Holding
  2. Lake Companies' Suite of Products Makes a Splash in the Cloud

    One of the highlights of SUN was the announcement that Lake Companies' suite of products, including Doc Trak, is now available for the cloud. This move signifies a significant step forward in accessibility and efficiency for users. Moreover, attendees were thrilled to learn about an upcoming book by Greg Lake, offering deeper insights into industry best practices and innovations.

  3. Godlan Booth: 3D Printed Luggage Tags

    Innovation was on full display at the Godlan booth, where custom printed luggage tags caught the attention of many attendees thanks to Prophecy IoT. Beyond the novelty factor, this showcase underscored the importance of pushing boundaries and exploring new technologies to enhance business processes and customer experiences in manufacturing.

  4. SourceDay and Infor Partner for Best-in-Class PO Lifecycle Management

    The buzz around SourceDay and its partnership with Infor for Best-in-Class PO Lifecycle Management was palpable at SUN. Attendees were eager to learn more about how this collaboration could streamline operations and drive efficiencies in their organizations. Additionally, the news of SourceDay sunsetting their AP automation offering sparked interest among SyteLine users, who have been searching for a seamless integration solution since Ephesoft left the space. Many of these users and companies attended our "No Invoice Left Behind" session to learn more about Nimbello's AP Automation and seamless integration into SyteLine built by FAIC Group.

  5. Augment Global Solutions and DRI: Masters of Networking

    While the days at SUN were filled with insightful sessions and informative discussions, the evenings offered a chance to unwind and connect on a more personal level. Augment Global Solutions and DRI took the lead in organizing networking events that were nothing short of amazing. These gatherings provided attendees with invaluable opportunities to forge new connections, share experiences, and perhaps even lay the groundwork for future collaborations.

In conclusion, SUN 2024 was not just a conference—it was a testament to the collective drive, innovation, and resilience of the Syteline community. As we return to our respective roles armed with newfound knowledge and inspiration, let's continue to be lifesavers for our companies, driving positive change and fostering growth every step of the way. If one of your priorities for 2024 is to improve your Accounts Payable process through automation reach out and learn how the pre-built integration to SyteLine can get you up and running in a day.

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