How it Works

Manage your AP inbox

Convert invoices to digital

Proprietary PO pairing and matching

Automate, correct and approve invoices

Import and export data to ERP


Automated Invoice processing starts when an invoice arrives in your email inbox. Nimbello monitors the inbox, extracts attachments, and separates/classifies the invoices.


Intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology scans the invoice data and verifies accuracy. OCR engine uses machine learning to improve over time.


Nimbello uses proprietary algorithms to automatically match and pair each invoice line with the purchase order (PO) lines. Pairing is the process of identifying which purchase order (PO) line is being billed by each invoice line. Matching is the process of identifying whether the quantity and price on the two are identical. Three-way matching involves cross-referencing the invoice with its corresponding PO and delivery receipt to make sure all pertinent details, such as the quoted order amount and the number of items ordered, match.


If the lines match, the invoice is forwarded to your ERP system and is ready to be paid. If the lines don’t match, the payment is put on hold and your accounting team is notified to review the invoice. Approvals and notifications are routed automatically based on your workflow.


Nimbello supports integration with any ERP. Invoice data is posted to ERP after it is approved systematically or by your AP team. All approved and flagged invoices are shown on your Nimbello dashboard, providing transparency and insights, accessible from anywhere. You have total visibility of each invoice, from receipt to entry into your ERP system.

Nimbello's AP SaaS solution streamlines invoice processing, saving time and money for businesses.

How Nimbello Helps Your Business

Never lose another invoice. Nimbello watches for new invoices and processes them automatically.
Pair each invoice to purchase order lines with touchless, multi-line authentication.
Reduce payment delays with a configurable dashboard to quickly view the status of each invoice.
Increase processing speed with automatic processing and rapid corrections to triple the processing rate per employee.
Connect your account payable process and ERP system to seamlessly pair vendor and invoice data.

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Nimbello Integrates with your Existing ERP System

With Nimbello’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integration, you can automate your invoice and payment processes, gain better visibility into cash flow, and improve productivity across your business.

Regardless of your ERP system, you can seamlessly pair vendor and invoice data.

Nimbello's AP SaaS integrations streamline financial workflows. Cloud-based automation for accounts payable.

Nimbello supports all ERP systems, including:

  • Infor Syteline
  • QAD
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Oracle
  • Ellucian Banner
  • MatrixCare
  • Workday
  • PointClickCare
    and more!

Leading Companies Trust Nimbello

Nimbello is loved and trusted by companies of all sizes, even those with very complex invoices. Although we serve companies in all sectors, we have especially deep experience in these markets:

Nimbello's AP automation software streamlines manufacturing processes, reducing errors and saving time and money.

"Nimbello does a great job automating our Accounts Payable operations across 30+ plants by handling data capture, eliminating paper and reducing processing costs."
-Teresa Walters, Vendor Master & Payment Team Manager, Lippert

Lippert manufactures and supplies highly engineered, high-quality components to the RV industry, marine industry, automotive industry and beyond.

Nimbello's healthcare AP SaaS solution streamlines billing, payments, and reporting for providers, insurers, and patients.

Patient care and patient outcomes are most important in the healthcare industry. Nimbello allows healthcare organizations and their teams to focus on the patient first by eliminating challenges and burdens associated with back office paperwork. With Nimbello's AP automation, finance teams can do more with less, including offering their team the ability to get their work done from home, or anywhere.

Nimbello's AP automation software streamlines education finance with cloud-based solutions for invoicing, payments, and reporting.

With Nimbello’s accounts payable automation, leading universities ensure that they make the most of every dollar spent, eliminating extensive paperwork and manual efforts. Nimbello helps their faculty focus more on strategic tasks, rather than time-consuming accounts payable processes.

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