Streamline AP Processing with Nimbello's SyteLine Integration

We understand that the organizations using Infor's SyteLine (or CloudSuite Industrial aka CSI), face unique challenges when it comes to Accounts Payable (AP) processes. These challenges often include labor-intensive, manual tasks and complex approval processes. That's why we're excited to introduce our seamlessly integrated AP automation solution, Nimbello, designed to address these issues efficiently.

AP Challenges That Demand Attention

Manual AP processes often lead to slow, error-prone operations, hampering your organization's efficiency. The quest to match invoices with supporting documentation and route them for approvals can become a cumbersome and time-consuming ordeal. Poor communication within your AP department can lead to late vendor payments, resulting in late fees and damaged supplier relationships.

In a manual AP environment, documents are scattered, stored in various locations, from file cabinets to multiple email folders, and across different software applications. This creates bottlenecks, making it challenging to process invoices accurately and on time. For example, coding invoices takes much longer, invoices may be difficult to read, and matching them with purchase orders and shipping receipts often necessitates extensive manual work. These challenges contribute to time delays and, in some cases, inaccuracies, which can lead to payment errors.

Moreover, managers need a centralized platform to review invoices, related documents, and communication associated with a specific invoice. This need for a central hub for AP communication and documentation is a priority for many organizations.

Nimbello: A Transformative AP Solution

Nimbello is here to revolutionize your AP processes. Unlike other AP automation providers, we won't ask you to overhaul your ERP system or change your well-established AP workflows. Instead, we centralize your AP functions seamlessly, eliminating the need for workarounds, spreadsheets, or manual data entry into your ERP. Using the latest OCR technology that is equipped with AI and ML capabilities our solution is designed to eliminate manual work across the entire invoice process for your team.

Introducing Nimbello's SyteLine Integration

Our integrated solution works harmoniously with your existing SyteLine environment was created in conjunction with our partners, the FAIC Group, a talented team of Infor experts. The integration is an ideal fit for manufacturers and businesses looking to transform their AP processes without the hassle of a prolonged and disruptive implementation. Nimbello syncs a master list to SyteLine, ensuring that your invoice and payment data is always up-to-date. This integration means you can enjoy the advantages of AP automation without extensive lead times or operational disruptions.

Comprehensive Support Tailored to Your Business

Nimbello is engineered to provide full support for the extensive range of native SyteLine functionality. Whether your business operates with multiple legal entities, each having business units or business units with multiple legal entities, Nimbello can effortlessly adapt to your business structure.

Effortless Data Management and Customization

For users of SyteLine, managing various GL account types and custom fields is essential. Nimbello simplifies this process by syncing GL accounts and custom fields to ensure that your specific data requirements are met.

Purchase order matching is another essential tool to guarantee accurate payments. Nimbello provides effortless 2-way and 3-way purchase order matching, even for partial amounts. The system allows users to make adjustments to line items and add new items directly within Nimbello. This flexibility ensures that your AP processing remains as agile as your business.

Streamlined Payment Processing

Nimbello further simplifies AP by offering support for partial payments, credits, and discounts. The solution automatically exports payment data back to your ERP. Utilizing Nimbello for your payment needs enhances efficiency, visibility, and control over your vendor payments. Additionally, Nimbello can print and mail checks on your behalf, or you can pay vendors instantly via Nimbello's card and ACH offerings, earning cashback through virtual credit card transactions.

Complete AP Transformation with Nimbello

Nimbello brings your AP communications, documentation, and workflows into a centralized platform that offers complete visibility and control. The user-friendly interface ensures that your team can quickly adapt to the solution. In addition to enhanced efficiency, Nimbello helps reduce the risk of errors, fraud, and compliance issues, while simultaneously improving vendor relationships and overall AP process efficiency.

Features Beyond the Basics

Nimbello offers a wide array of additional AP automation features, including:

  • Invoice processing automation to streamline invoice capture, coding, approvals, and more.
  • Centralized collaboration, consolidating all communication, documentation, and workflows related to each invoice.
  • A solution that is powered by AI and ML to capture line level data and automatically match and pair POs to invoices
  • Support for multi-company AP processing, allowing you to process and pay invoices across various entities, offices, departments, or locations all in one place.
  • Insights that provide instant visibility into invoices, employee productivity, and overall AP processes through robust analytics and reporting tools.

Elevate Your AP Processes with Nimbello's SyteLine Integration

When it comes to transforming your AP processes, Nimbello's integration with SyteLine ensures a smooth and efficient journey. We're here to offer a unique and seamless AP automation experience with minimal disruption to your existing systems. Join the growing community of Nimbello users who have witnessed significant improvements in AP efficiency, accuracy, and vendor relationships. Contact Nimbello today to kickstart your AP transformation journey. Your wish for more efficient, streamlined AP processes is about to come true with Nimbello.

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