Month-End Headaches for SyteLine Users: The Cure is AP Automation


Manufacturers using SyteLine have similar challenges that others in the space have when it comes to navigating the complexities of month-end close. A common headache we hear from finance and accounting teams in the manufacturing space is "How do I manage month-end close when invoices from that month are still being processed"?

The manual processes traditionally employed by companies often lead to challenges in accurately accruing and posting these invoices. In this blog post, we delve into the month-end dilemmas faced by manufacturers on SyteLine and explore how AP automation, particularly Nimbello's comprehensive solution, can be a game-changer in streamlining these processes.

The Month-End Invoice Conundrum:

Closing the books at the end of the month is a routine but intricate process for manufacturers. The real challenge lies in determining how to handle invoices that arrive close to or just after the end of the month. Typically, the decision to post these invoices in the prior or current period hinges on the invoice date. However, not all ERP systems are equipped with the functionality to seamlessly handle this decision-making process.

Challenges with Manual Handling:

Many older ERP systems lack the capability to automatically post invoices based on the invoice date. This deficiency forces companies to adopt manual workarounds. One common approach is to flag invoices with a date after the month end, holding them until the prior month is closed. This process, though functional, introduces delays and relies heavily on timely approvals from designated approvers.

Enter Nimbello's AP Automation:

Nimbello's AP automation solution offers a robust response to the challenges posed by month-end dilemmas for SyteLine manufacturers. The system's flexibility accommodates different ERP capabilities, providing clients with tailored options based on their specific requirements.

  1. Automatic Posting for Newer ERP Systems: For those with newer ERP systems, Nimbello's solution seamlessly utilizes the invoice date to automatically post invoices to the appropriate month, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

  2. Flag-Based Holding for Older ERP Systems: Recognizing the limitations of older ERP systems, Nimbello allows clients to activate a flag. This flag holds all invoices with a date after month end until the prior month is officially closed. Once closed, the flag is removed, and the held invoices are promptly sent to the system.

Addressing Approvers' Timeliness:

The crux of the issue often lies in the timely approval of PO and non-PO invoices stuck in the approval pipeline. To overcome this hurdle, Nimbello introduces the concept of an "Accrual Report." This report provides a consolidated view of all invoices on hold, allowing decision-makers to decide whether to accrue for them in the prior month. This proactive approach ensures that invoices are in the system well before the month-end closure, preventing bottlenecks.


The month-end dilemmas faced by manufacturers on SyteLine can be effectively addressed with the adoption of Nimbello's AP automation solution. By providing tailored options based on ERP capabilities and introducing features like automatic posting and accrual reports, Nimbello empowers manufacturers to streamline their month-end processes and make informed decisions about handling invoices that approach or surpass month-end deadlines. The key question to manufacturers remains: How do you currently handle these invoices not in your system at month end, and can Nimbello's AP automation be the transformative solution you've been searching for? If interested to learn more - complete our Accounts Payable Process Grader (inspired by HubSpot) and we will schedule a review session to discuss ways to improve your current month-end and AP process.


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