How Nimbello Identifies Duplicate Invoices



Hero illustrationIn the realm of invoice management, identifying duplicate invoices is crucial for businesses dealing with heavy invoice volumes. Duplicate invoices can cause significant disruptions, resulting in payment errors, wasted time, and strained supplier relationships. However, with Nimbello's advanced invoice management system, the process of detecting and handling duplicate invoices becomes a breeze. In this blog post, we will delve into Nimbello's innovative approach to identifying and resolving duplicate invoices, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in your invoice management workflows.

The Two Buckets of Duplicate Invoices:

Nimbello employs a sophisticated classification system to identify duplicate invoices. When an invoice enters the workflow, it is categorized into one of two buckets: definite duplicate or possible duplicate. This initial classification sets the stage for streamlined resolution.

Possible Duplicate:

Automated Matching and Validation When Nimbello's system encounters an invoice with a Vendor # and Invoice # that already exist in the workflow, it raises a flag as a possible duplicate. This triggers an automated process to determine the accuracy of the potential duplicate.

The system automatically compares the Invoice Date, PO #, and Amount of the flagged invoice against other submitted invoices. If these five distinct data points align perfectly, the invoice is marked as a definite duplicate and promptly archived in the system without requiring human intervention. This automated validation eliminates the need for manual review, saving time and reducing the risk of human error.

Resolving Possible Duplicates with User Intervention

In cases where the additional data points don't match perfectly, Nimbello's system keeps the invoice flagged as a possible duplicate. The system ensures that possible duplicates remain on the radar until a user intervenes to resolve the issue. This allows designated users to review and compare the details of the potential duplicates manually. With this user-friendly interface, businesses have full control over the resolution process, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of their invoice management.


Duplicate invoices can cause significant headaches in invoice management, leading to payment discrepancies and operational inefficiencies. However, with Nimbello's cutting-edge invoice management system, identifying and resolving duplicate invoices becomes a seamless and automated process. By classifying duplicates into definite and possible categories, Nimbello's system saves time, reduces errors, and enhances the overall efficiency of invoice workflows. Embrace the power of Nimbello's duplicate invoice detection and unlock a new level of streamlined invoice management for your business.

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