AP Automation vs. Manual Data Entry for Manufacturers


Streamline Your Invoice Processing

Nimbello OCR software automates the extraction of data elements, reducing manual entry by 60% to 90%. This frees up time for your team to focus on strategic tasks.

Efficiency is key to staying competitive in the business world. Many Accounts Payable teams face challenges with manual processes, especially when it comes to handling invoices. From data entry to compliance issues, traditional methods can be inefficient. However, with Nimbello OCR software, your team can harness cloud-based automation to transform invoice management.

Common Accounts Payable (AP) Pain Points

Nimbello OCR software tackles common AP challenges head-on, offering a solution to streamline your workflow. Unlike a majority of the available solutions, we have spent the last decade focusing on Purchase Order (PO) automation.  

We have focused on alleviating the following AP Pains:

  • Manual data entry
  • Manual sorting of invoices
  • Physically routing invoices for approval
  • Duplicate or overcharged invoices
  • Manual matching of invoices to POs
  • Limited visibility into processes
  • Compliance issues
  • Manual filing of invoices
  • Difficulty locating lost invoices


Effortlessly Navigate Invoice Processing

Nimbello electronically routes invoices for processing and approval, ensuring timely capture and eliminating delays. Say goodbye to lost invoices with Nimbello's efficient workflow.

Harness the Power of Machine Learning

Nimbello's machine learning algorithms adapt to recognize unseen invoices, minimizing setup time. This ensures faster implementation and improved accuracy over time.

Seamless Integration and Compliance Controls

Integrating Nimbello OCR software with your ERP system is straightforward, minimizing disruption. With built-in compliance controls, you can ensure your processes meet industry standards.

Experience the Nimbello Difference

Nimbello OCR software offers a solution to streamline invoice processing. By automating manual tasks and improving accuracy, Nimbello empowers your team to drive business growth. Say goodbye to manual hassles and hello to efficiency with Nimbello OCR software.

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